Amusement Technical 25m Starflyer

The Amusement Technical Star Flyer is a 25m, 24 seat tower ride attraction that appeals to young and old park visitors.


No other family attraction combines safety and thrills like the Star Flyer.

To ride, guests are seated in a double seat next to their friend or partner, the seat is fitted with latching lap bar and seat belt to each seat position.


Technical data

MANUFACTURER Amusement Technical
DIMENSIONS 25m lattice structure tower from 140x10 SHS in 3x 7m + 1x3m sections, 1m top feature.
  • Hydraulic lifting carriage with rotating section attached to 12 No arms.
  • Each arm has 8 No stainless-steel chains attached to 2 seat GRP seating units.
  • PLC control with automatic functionality.
  • AC motor hydraulic power pack and 2 x 5.5kW AC motors for rotation.
No. OF SEATS 24 seats in pairs, ie 12 pairs
HOURLY CAPACITY 480 people per hour
LIGHTING LED pixels to tower allowing full RGB effects, RGB LED’s to underside of arms, RGB LED’s to top feature and white high power LED’s to underside of seats.
RESTRAINTS latching lap bar and seat belt to each seat position.
SHIPPING 2 x 40’ containers or 2 trucks.
PAINT FINISH Zinc primer and Polyurethane topcoat in buyer specified colour.
POWER REQUIREMENT 11kw Rotation, 45kW Lift and 2kW Lighting
STANDARDS Designed and manufactured in accordance with EN13814
WARRANTY 12 months parts and labour.

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