Chance 36 foot Carousel

The Chance Rides 36-foot carousel is an instant classic for amusement parks, zoos, malls, museums and shopping centre attractions. It’s available with five standard scenery packages and a rich variety of optional features.

Standard features

  • 30 Fantasy horses, 2 Columbia chariots
  • Americana scenery
  • Pie top
  • Simulated wood, color coordinating non-slip or aluminum tread plate floors
  • Spiral brass sleeves on horse poles and floor hanger rods
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • Maintenance-free, greaseless Nylatron® bearings
  • Electric, variable-speed drive


  • Maximum number of passengers per seat 1 adult or 1 child per horse and 4 adults or 6 children per chariot
  • Ride speed 5 rpm
  • Ride duration recommended 2.0 minutes, maximum 2.5 minutes
  • Maximum wind speed (operating) 35 mph
  • Maximum wind speed (static) 60 mph
  • Power requirements total 24 kW; Drive 4 kW; Lights 2- kW
  • Drive type: variable frequency AC
  • Motor type: 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz
  • Number of motors: 1
  • Horsepower rating: 5

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