CNC machining services by Amusement Technical offer milling and turning capabilities using the latest in manufacturing technology to guarantee great results with precision.

We can produce turned parts up to 600mm diameter and up to 2m long.

We work in all types of common ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We are able to produce any component found on any ride, specialising in wheels, shafts etc.

CNC Milling Services

Milling is one of the CNC machining services we offer. This process involves a rotating cutting tool that removes chips from the material when brought into contact with the work piece.

While it may sound very similar to drilling, the two are definitely not the same. Drilling is only suitable for making holes axially. A CNC mill can move laterally to remove material in that way.

There are different types of milling tools to either mill axially, laterally or both ways. Axial cutting needs teeth on the tip of the cutting head. Lateral cutting means that the teeth have to be perpendicular to the circular cutting head.

Creating precision components with an outstanding surface finish is possible with our CNC machining capabilities.

Amusement Technical has 4 axis milling capability in all materials.

CNC Turning Services

CNC turning is suitable for creating cylindrical parts. The most common example of a turned part is a shaft.

CNC turning cuts the shape by spinning the metal part. The cutting tool can move axially in 2 ways – along the side of the part as well as to and from.

Thus, the automated system controls the cutting tool, bringing it into contact with the workpiece, while the part itself is turning. As a result, bits of swarf are cut from the metal to produce the required shape.

Turning can perform many operations like turning, boring, threading, etc. Our highly skilled machinists can create precision components on all types of CNC lathes.

Amusement Technical is able to machine components in a wide range of materials. These include metals like steel, aluminium, titanium and copper alloys as well as plastics. It is suitable for both prototyping as well as large-batch manufacturing.

Partners and Accreditations

Our accreditations and partnerships show our commitment to the high standards that we set ourselves and gives you the peace of mind and assurance that that we meet leading global standards.

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