State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas is probably the busiest short-term event in the world. It runs for 24 days through September and October and has done since 1886. Recent events have attracted around 3 million visitors.

Oil hydraulic drives reaching obsolescence

One of the many rides at the Fair is a HUSS Pirate Ship – one of the Bremen-headquartered manufacturers’ flagship rides. The open, seated gondola seats between 45 and 55 passengers, using a pendulum motion to swing them up to 20m in the air at a 75 degree angle.

Older HUSS Pirate Ships, like the Fair’s model, use hydraulic drives, and these inevitably reach obsolescence after many years of use. In turn, this can cause significant problems, risking serious health and safety incidents and even the risk of high-pressure oil spilling and incurring environment agency fines.

New drive system: smoother and safer

However, these problems are mitigated by retrofitting the Pirate Ship with a brand new on-demand drive system. This incorporates a motor drive unit, control cabinet, operator panel, top encoder and home sensor assembly – all while retaining the ride’s classic looks. The Pirate Ship is now not only far easier and safer for operators to use, but also delivers impressive power savings, as no more latent power is lost through a continuously running pump.

The State Fair of Texas continues to run every autumn, and now those huge crowds will be able to enjoy the classic HUSS Pirate Ship for many years to come. 

At a glance

Client: State Fair of Texas
Project: Retrofit of HUSS Pirate Ship – brand new on-demand drive system
Result: An up-to-the-minute, highly efficient and much safer drive system

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