The apple of Luneur Park’s eye

Posted by Sean Brian

Italy’s oldest theme park, Luneur Park retained Amusement Technical to refurbish its original brucomela ride for its opening in October 2016.

The brucomela is one of the park’s oldest rides but had not been in operation since the closure of the park in 2008. The ride was badly in need of refurbishment. Sean Brian, Director, Amusement Technical explains:

“ The ride needed stripping right back. We had to refurbish it completely both mechanically and electrically. It needed a control system to make the operation automatic and it required repainting to its former glory.”

The most difficult aspect of the project was the control system. These rides are traditionally speed regulated by the operator but Luneur Park wanted it to be automatic with no room for error by an operator.

“It was a complex control system in so far as we had to make the brucomela perform in a way it wasn’t originally programmed to do.”

The refurbishment was a success and the ride opened to the public, as scheduled in October 2016.